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Advantica and GL Combining Strengths to Deliver Energy Business Solutions

spadeadam test site

As key service providers to the global oil and gas industries, Advantica and the Industrial Services division of Germanischer Lloyd (GL) had established reputations for delivering solutions to solve their customers’ operational problems.

But in an environment where it is increasingly important to be able to offer services worldwide to a consistent standard yet take account of local requirements and legislation, combining the strengths and capabilities of GL and Advantica makes sound business sense.

Advantica is a global engineering consultancy, service and solution provider, supporting clients in the gas (lpg, natural gas and lng), oil, water and electric industries. Built on its origins as British Gas Research & Development, Advantica is the number one choice for energy business solutions and is dedicated to enabling the owners and operators of energy and utility assets to design, construct, plan and manage their network assets more successfully to achieve their business vision.

One of Advantica’s greatest assets is its people, with more than 650 highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals; they have a detailed understanding of the energy industry and offer a range of technical and service solutions with a reputation for delivering excellence with real commercial impact.

Building on the combined strengths of GL and Advantica, GL offers a wide range of solutions that deliver major benefits to customers, including project planning and engineering, performance improvement, safety and integrity, technical assurance, research and development, testing and certification, emergency management, incident investigation and materials failure analysis.

GL’s solutions improve clients’ knowledge of asset performance and customer behaviour, providing the foundations for direct improvement of financial performance, operational efficiency, customer service and regulatory compliance. Leading energy and water delivery companies are working with GL to implement integrated solutions, allowing them to rapidly determine, distribute and act on asset performance knowledge.

GL supplies a wide range of consultancy services to support the planning, design and operation of oil and gas installations from upstream through transmission, distribution and product utilisation. This includes the application of advanced engineering expertise, hazard and risk management, integrity management, asset optimisation, legislative compliance, metering and due diligence.

The company is a premier provider of network analysis and design software packages covering the whole pressure range. These packages have been developed for the design and analysis of gas transmission systems and distribution networks and can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

GL is also able to offer a specialist consultancy service for training solutions worldwide. This is achieved by undertaking specific training needs analysis and developing bespoke training and assessment packages.

Research, testing and failure analysis is undertaken at sites in the UK. The GL Spadeadam test site offers customers a world leading facility where full-scale experiments of a potentially hazardous nature can be undertaken. It is a unique facility carrying out research, testing and technical service work that has included the study of fires and explosions and the testing of new products.

With over twenty years’ experience in studying gas explosions, Advantica are world leaders in the field. Significant research undertaken has included confined explosions, vapour cloud explosions, BLEVEs and failure of high-pressure gas pipelines. Projects have been conducted for all sectors of industry, including oil and gas, process and energy, construction and government agencies.

Spadeadam has a wide range of facilities, test rigs and specialised instrumentation to suit the demands of customers. Onsite are experienced engineers and scientists who can design, build and operate experimental test rigs tailored to suit customers’ requirements.

The merger of Germanischer Lloyd and Advantica has created a business that has the global reach, depth and breadth of technical expertise, cross industry knowledge and international experience to really make a difference to the performance of customers’ operations and projects. Its capability in safety, integrity and performance, coupled with the unique testing facilities, provides customers with the ability to develop and grow their business profitably while managing the risks.

The GL vision for the future is to grow in partnership with its customers.

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