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According to a report by the Countryside Agency, an average of 73,000 people think about moving from our cities to the countryside every year and many domestic properties are without a mains gas supply. With figures like these, it’s easy to see that the market for lpg cooking appliances is a growing one.

At Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA), one of the company’s popular brands, New World, continues to report on the popularity of its lpg product offerings. New World offers a range of freestanding lpg cookers, with sales performing particularly well in the leisure market.
Lpg is a versatile fuel that offers an effective alternative to mains gas without compromising on cooking functionality. It provides a real and controllable flame so that hob cooking, including the increasingly popular modern dishes that require pan frying or stir frying, can be done as effectively as on mains gas.

In addition, lpg is an environmentally friendly fuel as it emits considerably less carbon dioxide. As climate change and the effect of CO2 emissions upon the atmosphere remain at the top of the agenda, lpg is becoming an increasingly popular choice with those concerned about the environment.

New World offers twin cavity freestanding ovens in 50, 55 and 60cm sizes. The ovens feature enamel pan supports, four variable gas burners, a variable grill and a conventional oven. The products all feature wipe clean enamel.

For many people, range cookers epitomise country living and are a ‘must have’ item in any country kitchen. Lack of access to a gas supply does not mean that owning a range cooker is off the agenda, as many of the range cookers under the Stoves, New World and Belling brands are already lpg convertible.

In addition, GHDA has launched a range of Flame Supervision Device (FSD) range cookers, available in the Belling Kensington range in both the 90 and 110 sizes, the Stoves Sterling in the 1100 size and the Richmond ranges in the 900 and 1100. The FSD ranges are manufactured with lpg hotplates, as well as being designed to comply with the new CORGI regulations for multi-dwellings.

As the trend for country living continues, lpg cooking appliances look set to enjoy further growth, allowing customers to enjoy all the features associated with modern appliances without access to mains gas.

Pictured Above: Sterling 1100 & Richmond 900 LPG Gas Ovens

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